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Wear Your Happiness

The Fine Jewelry Bar
One of the earliest Buddha Mama designs remains a favorite among clients and the designers. The gold matte Happy Buddha pendant with diamonds comes in three sizes.

Peace, love, and positivity radiate from the Buddha Mama collection at The Fine Jewelry Bar.

By Lisa Marie Hart
Photos courtesy of The Fine Jewelry Bar

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. In recent months at The Fine Jewelry Bar, clients have been eager to express their happiness around their neck, on their wrist, or dangling from their ears.

The Fine Jewelry Bar

Buddha Coin Huggie Earrings in hammered 20K yellow gold and white diamonds.

“One of our favorite designers, Buddha Mama, creates peaceful, desert vibes in the form of positivity and good intention,” says Robert Diamond, a sales team member at this sparkling home to artisan-made fine jewelry. Each piece, he explains, is handcrafted in 20K yellow gold and then embellished with faceted stones, gleaming enamel, and an abundance of minute details, making them individual works of art.
The Fine Jewelry Bar

Diamond Puffy Heart Charm Pendant on gold ball chain necklace.

During the pandemic, Buddha Mama has been The Fine Jewelry Bar’s No. 1 selling line. “Clients have needed a reason to smile, laugh, and feel good about themselves,” Diamond says. “Notably, the Happy Buddha pendant has a huge smile on his face, which all at once is contagious.”
The Fine Jewelry Bar

Evil Eye Enamel Guitar Pick Pendant with diamonds on gold ball chain necklace.

The collection is rooted in the philosophy of contribution. Founder Nancy Badia began stringing beads and selling bracelets about a decade ago to raise funds for her local spiritual center in Miami. In 2014, she launched the handmade jewelry line after traveling the world in search of stones, carvings, and artisans to interpret her renderings into bejeweled art. Her daughter, Dakota, has joined her team as a designer, and the company continues to donate sales proceeds to nonprofit organizations.
The Fine Jewelry Bar

Enamel Hamsa Huggie Earrings and Rings with diamond accents.

Buddha Mama finds kindred spirits among more than 25 artisans and designers from around the globe who are represented in the display cases at The Fine Jewelry Bar.

With motifs inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions, Diamond says, the traditional, age-old meanings behind the evil eyes, hamsas, mandalas, peace signs, crosses, and other symbols found throughout the collection “serve as strength and protection for the wearer” who selects one in line with their personal beliefs.

The Fine Jewelry Bar

Scalloped Evil Eye Bracelet, Necklace, and Ring in 20K yellow gold with enamel and diamonds.

“Love, happiness, and wellbeing are at the core of this wonderful brand, which we absolutely adore,” he adds. Buddha Mama not only brings joy and happiness to those who wear the pieces, but also to others who see and appreciate them.

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