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Shop up-and-coming designers who produce classic designs with a modern twist at elizabeth & prince.

Analisa and Shawn Holoubek on Assuredness

What sets your brand apart?

We identify up-and-coming designers who are very focused on their craft, are taking risks, and are really pushing fashion forward. We bring them into our store until they reach wider distribution. We carried Rag and Bone when we first opened. Now they are everywhere. That was our cue to move on to other designers who bring something new and creative.

What catches your eye?

Classic styles that have a more-current or modern twist. We try not to chase after trends or be consumed by them. Shopping the New York market gives us an opportunity to bring something to the West Coast that isn't as accessible.

How do you know what to buy?

The environment is our inspiration, along with the people who come in. We ask ourselves, "What we would want to have in our suitcase if we were traveling to a resort destination? What would I wear to a pool party, a dinner party, Joshua Tree?"

What's your trademark?

A lot of our pieces are handmade. Their craftsmanship and artistry are a departure from mass production. Someone actually spent hours embroidering these beautiful designs.

Right now you're loving:

We've brought in Loyd/Ford, a Palm Springs designer, and a great Italian line with wearable fabrics perfect for the desert. Kimonos that go from poolside to cocktail party. Pleated, knee-length skirts, like a party skirt also worn casually. And traditional fall colors that go into spring — saffron, curries, okra, burnt sienna — as an alternative to pastels.

Advice for indecisive shoppers?

You don't need to talk yourself into pieces that are right. You know them right away. If you have to deliberate for more than a few minutes, you're not going to wear it. That inner voice is always the right way to go.

Biggest compliment:

When someone says, "I've owned this dress for five years, and it's still my favorite." That has been our compass. Or when they say, "I just landed and left the airport and came straight here before going home."