Relax into the Desert’s Casual Lifestyle

Tommy Bahama Home brings California cool to every space with materials from nature and a curated selection of original artwork.
Story By: Julie Pendray
Photography courtesy Tommy Bahama Home

The mauve hues cast upon the mountains, shimmering waves of warmth in the air, and ancient knowledge that sacred mineral springs run through this arid landscape have long inspired artists to visit and take up residence in the Coachella Valley. The desert locale has an overwhelming sense of place and solace. But it takes time to leave behind the noise of Interstate 10, the bustle of the airport, or the major metropolitan stressors, expectations, and general hustle.

Shedding that weight is easier in a home with a design that leans casual, natural, and understated. Imagine huge windows that bring the outdoors in and easy materials like rattan, raffia, marble, shell, burled wood, silk, and glass throughout. With a touch of midcentury in the mix, you can settle into home and a true sense of relaxation.

That’s the feel of Tommy Bahama Home.

“It’s about lifestyle,” says director of retail Sheri Griffith, who is responsible for the buying and interior design of each of the company-owned stores. “People like to live casually these days.”

Unlike many businesses that suffered amid the pandemic, Griffith says the period has been a boon for the Tommy Bahama Home brand.

“It’s just like the holidays, when you’re home and think, ‘We should replace the dining room furniture.’ ”

Customers aren’t stopping there, though. They’re also buying home office furniture, and they’re not settling with the look — or placement — of the past. These days, Griffith says, it’s all about comfort and being able to blend in with the family home. “We used to sell a lot of executive desks,” she shares. “That’s not as popular now as our writing desks. We attribute that to everyone using a laptop. You can put a beautiful writing desk behind a sofa and use your tablet or laptop. We’ve seen an increase in that.”

Beyond selecting beautiful and functional furniture, people are interested in surrounding themselves with art — perhaps a colorful jellyfish lamp, a carved wooden hummingbird, a painting, or even an upcycled surfboard. Tommy Bahama Home prioritizes buying unique pieces like these from California-based artists. They also carry casual pieces from around the nation and the world.

Plants and flowers can help a home look truly lived in, but you don’t have to go out and get fresh ones. The showroom sells life-like replacements, so you can forget about finding the perfect spot in the room for lighting.

“People will touch our flowers and say, ‘I can’t believe you have real orchids in the store,’” Griffith says of the faux florals. “We have the best botanicals and trees anywhere.”

Many desert dwellers have decided that a relaxed, casual home is the best location for unwinding with friends. “People are looking for placemats and accessories for entertaining,” Griffith notes. “We try to be unique, so we have a constant flow of accessories.”

If you don’t have time to create the look you want while juggling a move, or if you’re just looking for the pros to give your space a little refresh, Tommy Bahama Home has licensed interior designers to help customers in store and on location.