It’s a Comfortable Life

Grayse on El Paseo have adapted a new mantra in step with the times: Relax and live life comfy. Who can argue with that?
Story By: Lisa Marie Hart

As a duo known for edgy, embellished pieces that move (with a bit of slink) from confident days to glamorous nights, the owners of Grayse have adopted a new mantra in step with the times: Relax and live life comfy. Who can argue with that?

Kelly and Marie Gray launched their luxury women’s lifestyle collection by opening their first namesake boutique on El Paseo in 2014. Since then, their strong, transparent relationships with clients allow them to respond to women shifting priorities and interests — always in signature Grayse style.

For flattering fit and fashion suggestions, the mother-daughter designers and businesswomen (formerly of St. John) remain trusted confidants. But as a result of their recent relaxed approach, they are being sought for more than their made-in-California cocktail dresses, leather jackets, and pearl-studded tanks, tunics, and leggings.

Grayse on El Paseo

As Gray explains, “Our clients like a little embellishment,

Grayse on El Paseo

“The Crystal Racer Legging is one of the pieces I’m wearing the most right now,

Leisure has been one off the hottest aspects of our brand for over two years, but we didn’t make as much of it as we do now,” Kelly says. Each piece is designed as much for sport as for lounging. Fitness is optional; your comfort is not. Brand-defining modern details like crystals and mesh panels transfer with ease to the collection.

“Even at home, our look is a little bit glamorous, but it’s not so fancy you can’t wear it,” Kelly says. “I wear mine for golf and always get compliments. As California begins to open back up, I think glam-leisure is what people will wear to country clubs and patio dining. And we design for it.”

Clients say even when they are in athleisure mode at home, they’re ready for a Facetime call or distanced power walk at a moment’s notice, thanks to the versatility, quality, and style.

For Kelly and Marie, living life comfortably also means active, energized, and pain-free. Behind the glittering Grayse scene, Kelly has been researching CBD (the cannabidiol compound found in the hemp plant) since it boomed in hopes of finding relief for herself, her mom, and the “Grayse girls” who trust them. Now the new queens of comfort are spilling the beans (or, the CBD gummies, actually).

“Many of our clients know about it, but they don’t know where to buy it or whether it’s a real thing,” she explains. “They have questions and we understand that.” Two years in development, the Grayse Life CBD collection was born of their quest to offer “the most pure, vegan product” with high quality and efficacy. It is also free of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the feeling of being high. “Anything we would share with our clients we would want a long history with.”

Grayse on El Paseo

For swelling and soreness, the 1,000mg menthol Muscle Relief Lotion by Grayse Life provides THC-free targeted relief.

Marie says the CBD gummies have helped her experience less joint pain, greater mobility, increased energy, and a general sense of well-being. “Initially, she wanted to open up her golf swing and she had pain and swelling that was getting in between her and her swing,” Kelly adds. “She doesn’t like the idea of pain medication knowing she could hurt herself further by taking it.”

Kelly, who has undergone multiple surgeries on her right shoulder and knee but feels agitated by pain meds, is a fan of the Muscle Relief Lotion and its soothing oat milk base, as well as the cooling gel roll-on. “When I’m feeling pain and swelling, I don’t want to be known as ‘the Bengay girl’” she laughs. “Ours has a mild scent, not the strong smell of menthol.”

For the ultimate relaxation, after an athleisure kind of day, Grayse Life CBD bath bombs come in rose, lavender, and detoxifying charcoal. Add essential oil and rose petals and you’re definitely ready to relax and live life comfy.

Because they design it, wear it, and use it, Kelly and Marie can answer any questions from personal experience. From their new CBD products, “both mom and I have found clarity, focus, and less pain,” Kelly says. And that is their 2021 wish for everyone.