Gucci Honors Palm Desert

The Palm Desert woven tote, part of a capsule collection of retro shopper bags, is still available at Gucci on El Paseo.
Story By: Lisa Marie Hart
Photography by Gucci
Summer isn’t officially over until the last of the resort-inspired woven totes have vanished from the shelf. You can still find the Palm Desert edition at Gucci on El Paseo.

Earlier this summer, Gucci released a capsule collection of shopper-sized totes bearing the names of iconic resort destinations around the globe, each in a custom color palette representative of the locale.

Gucci on El Paseo

“Palm Desert

The Palm Desert tote — in a sunny mix of yellow, aqua, navy, and fairway green — joins an exclusive group of other time-honored sites. These playful striped bags take Gucci lovers on island holidays to Capri, Mykonos, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii; on summer sabbaticals in Monte Carlo and The Hamptons; and to cosmopolitan cities — Cannes, Miami, Ibiza, and Rio De Janeiro — known for their cultural events. Other destinations include Phuket and Cancun.

The bags feature cotton-linen lining, interior zip pocket, and removable crossbody strap for versatility. Each is made in Italy, where it’s fun to imagine the designers adding a trip to Palm Desert to their own bucket lists.

Gucci tweeted their excitement for the release, saying: “A special collection of woven tote bags are individualized with vivid hues, trims, and personalized leather tags representing world-renowned resort destinations.”

Gucci on El Paseo

Crafted in the style of a retro postcard, each tote was designed with colors, trims, and a leather tag unique to the location it represents.

The brand explains that the striped motif incorporating embroidered letter G’s and a leather patch in the center where the destination name is embossed in metallic gold lettering is all part of the bags’ vacation mindset, “crafted in the style of a retro postcard.”

You won’t find the Palm Desert woven fabric tote on the Gucci website. Most were distributed only in the actual destination honored by the bag, adding an extra layer of local color and exclusivity.

Gucci on El Paseo

While a few bags in the collection are available online, most can be purchased only in the vacation destination that inspired its unique color palette.

How the brand came to choose the scant number of beloved destinations that embody Gucci’s colorful sensibility for luxury and leisure is a brand secret. To have a colorful Palm Desert tote made for escapist travel or everyday errands feels as if Gucci custom-monogrammed the perfect bag just for us.

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