Celebrate Life’s Happiest Occasions With Frizzante Fine Jewelers

The El Paseo jeweler specializes in timeless adornments designed with the highest quality materials.
Story By: Marissa Willman
Frizzante Fine Jewelers
Photography courtesy Frizzante Fine Jewelers

Many happy memories are made at Frizzante Fine Jewelers, where owners Greg and Yelena Galstyan help clients celebrate some of life’s most momentous occasions.

“People come to us when they want to purchase a new piece of jewelry because something incredible is happening in their life and they want to celebrate,” says Greg Galstyan, president and CEO. “It’s always a happy occasion. That’s what jewelry is: a celebration of people’s memories.”

Since opening their doors eight years ago, Greg and Yelena have been part of countless celebrations. Birthdays, proposals, and anniversaries are a few of the more common reasons clients come to Frizzante Fine Jewelers, and the Galstyans have gone above and beyond to help their clients create unforgettable moments.

“One of my favorite client memories was an 80th birthday party,” Greg says. “We worked with her husband to design the ring, and then delivered it to the restaurant where they were celebrating. I was hiding throughout the restaurant and doing everything not to ruin the surprise, and it ended up being a beautiful celebration.”

Greg and Yelena Galstyan

Owners Greg and Yelena Galstyan. 

Another favorite experience was a proposal at Frizzante Fine Jewelers that even the Galstyans didn’t see coming. The jewelers were working with a couple to pick out the perfect ring. Little did the bride-to-be or the Galstyans know that the groom was planning to propose in the store when they picked up the ring.

“We saw seven or eight family members join them to pick up the ring, and he proposed to her right there in the store,” Greg shares. “We popped Champagne. The marriage proposal was a real bonus — none of us had a dry eye.”

Fine jewelry is a family affair decades in the making for the Galstyans. Not only do the husband-and-wife duo own the store, but Greg grew up in the jewelry industry under his father, master jeweler Gerry Galstyan.

“I’ve been in the business since I was born,” he says.

Greg was intimately familiar with the manufacturing side of the industry by the time he reached adulthood. He decided to move to the retail side of the business in his 20s, where he enjoyed being able to meet new people and hear their stories as he paired clients with the perfect piece of jewelry.

In addition to the wisdom he gained from his father, Greg also graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is a graduate gemologist. He combines his lifelong experience and education with using only the highest quality materials, creating timeless pieces his clients treasure for years to come.

“If you don’t use high-quality diamonds and metals, you’ll never get the look you wanted to get,” he says.

And no matter who walks through the door, the Galstyans pride themselves on offering the highest level of service that keeps customers returning again and again.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a $100 item or a $1 million item,” Greg says. “Every single piece deserves the same attention to detail.”