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Designing Your Dream Closet

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A custom closet lets you see your wardrobe at a glance. Beautiful lighting, glass-front doors and room to move make all the difference.

Forget spring cleaning. Customize with a California Closet to kiss chaos and clutter goodbye for good.

Story by Lisa Marie Hart
Photography courtesy California Closets

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just a phrase. We all get the urge to purge, organize, and refresh our spaces when springtime arrives. It might not always be fun, but it’s functional.

If your closet is high on this season’s to-do list, it’s a good time to consider installing a custom system (aka the closet of your dreams). The more well-designed your closet is, the less you’ll need to hunt, peck, dig or wonder where your favorite belt went.

“Closets seem to be the place where everything is stored to be out of the way and unseen,” says Preston Mitchell, a California Closets senior design consultant who works with clients at the Palm Desert showroom on El Paseo to help them maximize their space.

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He believes a good spring cleaning begins with the closet, which clears the way to work on other spaces in the home. “No matter how large or small, the very idea of spending a day to clean out your wardrobe can be overwhelming,” he says. “Try giving yourself several two-hour sessions to tackle one area of the closet at a time rather than trying to organize it all at once.”

A custom solution uncovers the hidden potential within your current space — regardless of size — to take the art of organization to an entirely new level. California Closets is like a fairy godmother for fashionable people who need a closet that services that passion.

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What to expect from a dream closet? It:

  • Optimizes every square inch in your walk-in closet while allowing your personal style to shine.
  • Amplifies the use of small spaces within a reach-in custom closet, making adjustments as needs change.
  • Provides a sophisticated and functional wardrobe system where none existed before.
  • Offers space-saving options to maximize efficiency with specialized racks and clever accessories.

Designing your dream closet begins with a free consultation. Maybe even a virtual one. At California Closets, you and your designer discuss your vision, timeline, and budget. They explore your aesthetic preferences by looking at various ideas to determine your style. Finally, they create a 3-D CAD rendering so you can see your custom design come to life while considering various pricing options.

The last step is the installation day, when you snap a few “after photos” to savor the moment.

Before you commit to a closet overhaul, Mitchell offers this checklist to ensure your closet dreams come true:

  • Entrust your project to the right company. Check out their previous projects and reviews on their work and services. Do they have a showroom where you can see how they build their product and see available options? Do they offer a warranty? For how long and what does it cover? Will they collaborate with you to create a space that truly supports your needs and complements your style?
  • Determine if they offer 100 percent custom solutions or only semicustom. Some companies only offer stock sizes that they modify, versus custom-cutting to fit your space.
  • Create an inspiration board with photos of closets you love. California Closets offers a wide range of exclusive finishes sourced from Europe, specialty materials, beautiful hardware and accessories, and features such as lighting that can impact the look and feel of closet.
  • Create a budget range that feels comfortable. During a California Closets consultation, you’ll receive a verbal price-range estimate depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Solutions range from $250 per linear foot to $1200 per liner foot and above.
  • Enjoy the process. Working toward an organized home is a positive adventure. At every turn, you will find you feel lighter and less stressed. When everything has its own place, it’s easier to find (favorite belt included).

Prep for your design consult or get a grip on spring cleaning with these tips:

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