California Closets Creates Balance at Home

The company known for luxury home organization systems does a whole lot more than build a great closet. We chat with the El Paseo showroom supervisor to learn more.
Photography courtesy California Closets

A stroll along El Paseo isn’t complete without a trip to the California Closets showroom. Many appear to agree. Situated just west of San Pablo Avenue, the handsomely outfitted design studio showcasing custom closets and storage solutions for the whole home is one of the company’s busiest in Southern California.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise. People are always looking for ways to beautify their home and ultimately make their living space more livable — two things California Closets has long finessed. “Clients come into our location because our brand is very well known. We’ve been established for over 45 years,” says Sadie Melgoza, liaison team lead for California Closets/Orange County and supervisor of the El Paseo showroom.

When people first enter, they often become aware of design and storage solutions they never even imagined. “Most people think we just do closets, and they come in because they have a need for their reach-in or walk-in closet,” Melgoza says. The additional solutions on display inside the El Paseo showroom open their eyes to a world of possibilities.

“People’s reaction is often ‘Wow, this is beautiful,’” continues Melgoza. Maybe they’re referring to the men’s and women’s closet solutions, which run from basic to the very luxurious. Or they could be awed by the office space featuring a wall bed — a showstopper and just one example of what the company is capable of designing. Other vignettes inside the El Paseo location include a hospitality bar, wine storage, and an entertainment center. They merely hint at the score of potential ways California Closets can reflect who you are and how you live.

Work From Home

As inspiring as a trip to the showroom may be, it’s possible to simply schedule an in-home consultation online or by phone. A designer then visits your dwelling and typically designs on location. “They properly measure and actually inventory your belongings,” Melgoza says. “Then they design specifically based on those needs.” Accessories such as jewelry drawer inserts, pullout tie or belt racks, shoe storage — all the innovations that truly customize a closet or organize a space — can be considered and potentially added during the design process.


Under Construction

There’s a design workspace inside the El Paseo showroom complete with a drafting table and drawers of sample hardware and finishes. Perfect for when a client says, “I’ve got blueprints. My home isn’t even built yet,” Melgoza says. “And that does happen.” Speaking of material finishes, all are exclusive to California Closets. The same applies to select hardware. Some materials are made in the United States while others are imported from Italy.

Crafting Your Timeline

Once a design is complete, an installation is scheduled. “Our average lead time is about six to eight weeks out for an install,” Melgoza continues. “It all depends on materials and the complexity of the space.” In some instances, California Closets partners with special vendors, and sometimes those items take longer to procure and install. Finally, it’s worth noting the company relies on its own highly trained installation team — never subcontractors. Far from a sell-and-go company, California Closets considers itself a project manager from start to finish and beyond.


Why California Closets?

“We’re all about making space for what matters,” Melgoza concludes. “We want our clients to have a sense of belonging and balance in their life and in their home. Everything we do is based on intentional living and having a mindful mindset.”