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Elena Bulatova Fine Art

Elena Bulatova Fine Art

Discover the bright eccentricity of art available at Elena Bulatova Fine Art, where abstractions on canvas meet sinewy sculptures.

Elena Bulatova on Multifacetedness

You're a relatively young artist, originally from Russia. How did you wind up in the States?

In Russia, it's important that the arts be part of your education. We have a lot of museums, and I was close to art all my life. I was an accomplished dancer and played violin in a chamber orchestra. After graduating from Moscow State University with a degree in economics, I was the only Russian student to receive the Fox Fellowship to attend Yale University.

Now you own galleries in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, and Las Vegas. Do tell.

My artistic career has catapulted over the last several years since I have been in California. I feel free and creative here. Hundreds of my abstracts have gone to private and public collections around the globe. I split my time between painting and the gallery.

Your work bursts with color and positivity. How do you describe it?

My work is contemporary art, focusing on mixed media, paintings, and sculpture. Some people know me for my 12-foot-high resin-and-wood lollipops (part of the Sweet Life series). My new pieces juxtapose The Wall Street Journal with comic-book superheroes. It's a spiritual journey for me. Art should bring joy and help relieve your worries.