All Things Beautiful

Discover fine antiques and midcentury furnishings at Dragonette Limited on El Paseo in Palm Desert.
Photography by Max Junk

Patrick Dragonette reclines on a midcentury William Haines sofa in a sunlit corner of his 5,000-square-foot furnishings showroom on El Paseo, Dragonette Limited. The native Ohioian surveys the mock living area proudly. Each thoughtfully placed chair and curio reflects his aesthetic sensibilities, shaped over more than two decades working as an interior designer and dealer of — as he puts it — all things beautiful.

All Things Beautiful - Dragonette LTD.

Saria wears a House of Lolo sweater and pants with a Dragonette Limited vintage Valentino necklace and vintage Fendi wooden cuff bracelet. Photograph by Fab Fernandez; styling by Neil Cohen; beauty by Jen Plus Colour

“If I were to describe this store, I would just tell you that this store is full of things I love,” says Dragonette.

Dragonette’s antique and midcentury emporium opened in Palm Desert in 2019. But the beauty fiend established his namesake showroom more than two decades earlier on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. There, he developed a reputation for his sharp eye and growing collection of rare William Haines pieces, eventually serving as president of the nonprofit La Cienega Design Quarter. As with so many masters of their craft, this collector’s fascination with storied objects traces back to childhood.

All Things Beautiful - Dragonette LTD.

The store is filled with unique decorative objects that are sure to spark conversation. Photograph by Max Junk

“I guess I got started because my mother loved design,” Dragonette shares. “My mother was one of those people that rearranged the furniture in the living room every six months, and my father would come home to sit down and the sofa was somewhere else. So I think I got a love of beautiful things from her.”

Dragonette Limited owner Patrick Dragonette provides a glimpse into his showroom.
Video by Max Junk

All Things Beautiful - Dragonette LTD.

Cheeky displays will have you lingering at Dragonette Limited long after you expected to leave. There’s something new to discover in every nook and corner. Photograph by Max Junk

Antiquing was the family business. Dragonette’s father had an antique store, and albeit a far cry from the designer items Dragonette curates today, it stoked an early curiosity to learn about where generational treasures come from and how they were made. “In Ohio, ‘antique’ means Victorian furniture, wagon wheels, copper pots and pans, milk cans — not the kind of things I’m interested in now. But I guess I was always interested in commerce and buying beautiful things and trading them,” he reflects. “Being able to make a living like this has been a blessing for the last 24 years.”

All Things Beautiful - Dragonette LTD.

You’re sure to find a fun gift for every personality on your list. Photograph by Max Junk

Inspiration lurks behind every corner of Dragonette’s Palm Desert showroom, and not unlike his mother, he enjoys changing up the store layout regularly, which means clients are bound to discover new eye-catchers each time they pop in. Cheeky monster sculptures by the Haas Brothers mingle with statement chinoiserie lamps and plush midcentury swivel chairs. Books and fine art prints adorn the walls. Vintage couture and costume jewelry shimmers inside a midcentury curio cabinet. Dragonette has also launched his own line of new furnishings and accessories, all designed in house under the moniker Dragonette Private Label.

All Things Beautiful - Dragonette LTD.

The inventory is not limited to midcentury modern gems, although you’ll find plenty of those, too. Patrick Dragonette also vends a variety of other antiques, like this collection of vases and urns. Photograph by Max Junk

“My creed has always been, ‘If I don’t sell it, could I live with it?’ And that’s not just a line — that’s really how I feel about everything in here.” Dragonette leans forward on the William Haines sofa and gestures to a nearby table. “If I didn’t sell it, could I take this cocktail table home?”

A boyish twinkle in his eye suggests the answer: “Yeah, because it’s awesome.”